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This is my blog about hiking the Appalachian Trail, start to finish, from Springer Mountain in Georgia all the way to Mt. Katahdin in Maine?

Have I ever hiked the AT from beginning to end?

Nope… But I will!

Do I think it will be difficult?

Yep… nothing worthwhile is ever all that easy, at least that’s how the saying goes but I think this will ultimately be the toughest thing I’ve ever done. I say that mainly because I plan to start my thru hike in March, 2017, which will make me 49 years of age when I get started.


Now, that won’t make me the oldest to ever attempt to hike the 2100+ miles, not by a long-shot. But my knees and ankles hurt me after a tough day’s work, so I can only imagine what they will feel like after the daily grind of walking double-digit miles on extremely hilly terrain.

I learned about the AT many years ago and the first thing I asked was, “Has anybody ever hiked the whole thing at once?” Turns out, that wasn’t an original thought. I pushed the thought of hiking the Appalachian Trail to the back of my mind as I lived my life and it didn’t really surface again until 2007, when I came across some trail journals online of people who were actually doing it!

Trail journals are great because we can follow along as others prepare for and then attempt the thru hike of the AT. I subscribed to a couple of these online journal sites but now I just follow along on YouTube as many hikers now document their progress online with videos and image transcriptions. It truly is a great time to be alive, huh?

Well, shortly after I began obsessing with the trail back in 2007 I quickly got immersed back into my somewhat hectic, but always uneventful life. Thoughts of thru hiking the AT are always on my mind, and I’ve shared these thoughts with many people over the years, but recently I caught the bug again… BIG TIME!!!

A couple friends of mine have also recently discovered the wonders of thru hiking the AT and they have expressed more than a passing interest in attempting it, and now I have to light a proverbial fire under my own ass because if close friends of mine start lapping me on this one… well, it’ll drive me F’ing nutz!

Writing all this down in my Appalachian Trail thru hiking blog will hold me accountable and hopefully others will read this blog and gain a little inspiration from the thoughts that enter their own stream of consciousnesses and we can prepare for this amazing journey together.

I will be setting up a YT channel as well as all the other social media platforms because that’s the way the online world is connected these days and because I dig the social media experience!

By now you’re probably wondering who the hell I even am. My name is Curt Bizovi and I don’t have a trail name as of yet. It would be premature and entitled to start thinking about trail names before I’ve taken my first step on the thru hike so I’ll wait it out, but… if I don’t have one by the time I’ve gone a couple hundred miles then it’ll be time to start putting something together.

You can read more about me on my “about me” page. Just follow the link. Hopefully my Appalachian Trail thru hike blog will cover most of the topics that aspiring hikers are curious about, but feel free to add suggestions for future articles in the comments section.

Let’s get started…

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